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Name Positions Contacts
Dr Matthew Field Senior Bioinformatics Manager
no photo available
Miss Rebecca Filmer Animal Technician
Associate Professor Tamás Fischer Group Leader - The Fischer Group, Senior Fellow
  • +61 2 612 52194
Emeritus Professor Simon Foote
no photo available
Ms Stephanie Franks PhD Student
no photo available
Jasmina Frawley Research Support Officer
no photo available
Sabrina Fu
Professor David Fulcher Chief Investigator, The Centre for Personalised Immunology
Emeritus Professor Esther M Gallant Senior Research Advisor
  • +61 2 612 53527
Miss Jing Gao Genomics Technician (Genotyping)
  • +61 2 612 59196
Dr Xin (Andy) Gao Postdoctoral Fellow
  • 612 52031
Professor Elizabeth Gardiner Director, The John Curtin School of Medical Research, Professor
  • +61 2 612 52589
no photo available
Ms Jessica Garrett PhD Student
  • +61 2 612 56304
Tadele Gashayie
Michael Gaudiosi
no photo available
Manjul Gautam PhD Student
Aarti Gautam PhD Student
Associate Professor Amee J. George Associate Professor in Pharmacogenomic Technologies, Lead, ANU Centre for Therapeutic Discovery (ACTD)
  • +61 2 612 53086
Dr Saba Gharaei Research Fellow
  • +61 2 612 54353
no photo available
Kerry Gherbavaz Lab Assistant
Mr Yuvaraj Ghodke Senior Database Manager
no photo available
Aritra Ghosh
no photo available
Thomas Gibbs Honours Student
no photo available
Melissa Glanvill Cryopreservation Technician
  • +61 2 612 59776
no photo available
Juliana Gomez Moreno Research Officer
no photo available
XingJian Gong
Dr Paula Gonzalez-Figueroa Postdoctoral Fellow
  • +61 2 612 53513
Dr Katharine Gosling Senior Research Officer
Dr Anjali Gowripalan Postdoctoral Fellow
no photo available
Mr Daniel Green Area Supervisor