JCSMR is comprised of research and consulting centres.

National Centre for Indigenous Genomics »

Under Indigenous Governance, NCIG conducts research and other activities to build and maintain an Indigenous genome resource for the research community.

The ANU Bioinformatics Consultancy »

The ANU Bioinformatics Consultancy (ABC) is a service unit that offers a wide range of bioinformatics analysis, consulting, programming and training services.

The ANU Centre for Therapeutic Discovery »

The ANU Centre for Therapeutic Discovery (ACTD) is a state-of-the-art high-throughput screening facility for biomarker and therapeutic discovery.

*** UPDATE: We continue to provide essential service during CoVID-19 lockdown: please contact us on actd.brf@anu.edu.au for enquiries

The Centre for Personalised Immunology »

The Centre for Personalised Immunology (CPI) was established in April 2014 to help people with immune diseases by discovering causative genetic variation with the goal of delivering treatment strategies targeted to the individual.

The National Platelet Research and Referral Centre »

The National Platelet Research and Referral Centre (NPRC) seeks to improve our understanding of platelet disorders and identify the most effective treatment options.

The Phenomics Translation Initiative »

Genomic medicine uses information from a patient’s DNA (gene variants) to enable improved diagnosis and better treatment tailored to the individual. Currently, the key block in applying genomic medicine is understanding which gene variants contribute to disease and how they act. This information is needed to develop and apply medicines that target the biological pathway disrupted by the causal gene variant.