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Ms Rochna Chand Research Assistant
  • +61 2 6174 5631
no photo available
Michelle Chang Honours Student
no photo available
Mr Shashank Chary PhD Student - The Hayashi Group
Deepyan Chatterjee PhD Student
no photo available
Xiangyu Chen Honours Student
Dr Tom Cheng Masters Student
no photo available
Ms Alice Chin
  • +61 2 612 57826
Pey-Tsyr (Peggy) Chiou Genotyping Technician (Genotyping)
Ms Vicky (Eun Chung) Cho Computational Biologist, Bioinformatics Software Developer
  • +61 2 612 56346
Dr Philip Choi Honorary Senior Lecturer
Mr Hyung-Wook Choi PhD Student - The Quinn Group
no photo available
Joanne Chow Research Technician - Scientific Programs Team
no photo available
Amna Chowdhery
no photo available
Dr Daniel Christiadi PhD Student
Aaron Chuah Genomics Bioinformatician
  • +61 2 612 56436
no photo available
Sidney Chung Honours Student
no photo available
Dr Adrian Cionaca Postdoctoral Fellow
Robert Clark Area Supervisor, Technician
no photo available
Dr Alice Cleynen
Dr Adria Closa Mosquera Postdoctoral Fellow
Professor Ian Cockburn Group Leader
  • +61 2 612 54619
no photo available
Miss Rubi-Jayne Cohen PhD Candidate
no photo available
Lisa Colotti Animal Care Technician
no photo available
Mx. Amber Condell Clinical Bioinformatician
Professor Matthew Cook Professor of Medicine; Director of Centre for Personalised Immunology
  • +61 2 5124 5586
Denis Coombes School Facilities Manager
  • +61 2 612 58694
Ms Rhiannon Corby Training Coordinator
  • +61 2 612 51369
Dr Claudia Correa Ospina Technologies Specialist (Sequencing)
  • +61 2 612 52397
Mr Gregory Cover Material Support Technician
Tiffany Cripps Senior Technical Officer (Sequencing Projects)
  • +61 2 612 51112