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MicroRNA as diagnostics and therapeutics for retinal degenerations Current
The benefits of exercise for retinal health and reducing retinal degenerations Current
670nm Red Light as a treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity (Phase 1 Clinical Trial) Current
A longitudinal study of depression, anxiety, substance use and cognitive change: PATH Through Life Current
A novel mechanism of epigenetic information transfer between different cell types Potential
A novel role for the pol I transcription factor UBF in the regulation of expression of histone gene clusters and cellular DNA damage responses Current
Antibacterial biomaterials for future orthopaedic implants Potential
B cell responses to malaria Potential
Calcium imaging of presynaptic terminals Current
Characterisation of the role of H2A.B spermatogenesis during heat stress Potential
Characterising 3D image structure Potential
Characterising the function of general transcription elongation factor Paf1 complex in transposon defence Current
Chromatin and RNA surveillance Current
Circuit mapping in the piriform cortex using optogenetics Current
Click chemistry enables evaluation of the molecular mechanism of the 2nd generation RNA polymerase I inhibitor, PMR-116 Current
Consequences of impaired neuronal activity during development in a mouse model of autism Potential
Determining synaptic properties in small networks of neurons Current
Development of a molecular tool for personalised cancer treatment – a synthetic biology approach Current
Development of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technology Potential
Development of new animal models for retinal degenerations Current
Development of novel drugs for the treatment of sepsis Current
Discovery of novel cis-regulatory RNA structures using deep neural network Current
Embryonic development: How does elevated Wnt signalling cause heart defects? Potential
Epilepsy and olfaction Current
Evolution of behavioural, personality and cognitive diversity in humans Current