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Dr Yvette Wooff
Mr Philip Wu Informatics Manager - APF Informatics Team
  • +61 2 612 51271
Dianne Xu
Tienan Xu PhD Student, The Lee Group
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Tao Xu
no photo available
Mr Jiajia Xu MPhil Student - The Wen Group
no photo available
Mr Tony Xu
Ms Wenjing Xue Technical Officer Programmer
Miss Claudia Yan Research Technician - Scientific Programs Team
no photo available
Ms Huiming Yang Research Technician
no photo available
Mr Jinsoo Yoon PhD Student - The Parish Group
Mr Scott Young Material Support Technician
Ms Zhijia (Anna) Yu Masters Student - The Enders Group, Research Technician - Scientific Programs Team
Associate Professor Di Yu Visiting Academic
  • +61 2 612 55892
Ms Zaka (Wing Sze) Yuen PhD Student
Mr Alireza Zarebidoki PhD Student - The Enders Group
  • +61 2 612 51393
Dr Olga Zaytseva Postdoctoral Fellow - The Quinn Group
  • +61 2 612 53623
Mr Yaoyuan (Jim) Zhang PhD Student - The Vinuesa Group
  • +61 2 612 53519
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Zhiduo Zhang MPhil Student
no photo available
Junxiang Zhang
Mr Jing Zhang PhD Student - The Fischer Group
Ms Yafei Zhang NGS Coordinator - APF NGS Team
  • +61 2 612 59162
no photo available
Ms Muqin Zhang PHD Student
no photo available
Dr Donghai Zhang Laboratory Assistant
  • +61 2 6125 4577
Anyang (Anya) Zhao PhD Student