The Schulte Group - Systems Biology of Cancer

The Schulte Group is dedicated to advance human health by trans- and interdisciplinary research in Indigenous genome sciences, cancer biology, and Space health.

The Schulte Group pursues its research interests in three major collaborations

  1. In collaboration with the National Centre for Indigenous Genomics NCIG: Advancing health equity for Indigenous Australians through pharmacogenomics: building an end-to-end discovery pipeline. Category 1 funded by the MRFF 2023-2026, 2025085; CIA Schulte.
  2. In collaboration with the ANU Institute of Space (InSpace): Microwearables for Space. Category 2 funded by a Trailblazer Universities Fund from the Department of Education DESE an industry partners under the iLAuNCH scheme 2023-2027; CIA Schulte
  3. Therapeutic vulnerabilities at the nucleolar stress response in fusion gene driven sarcoma. A collaboration with the Hannan Group at JCSMR. Category 3 funded by the Max Lindemann Memorial Foundation, Miami 2021-2027; CIA Schulte.