The Lee Group - Optical Biofluidic Imaging Group

Our team explores the collective functional and morphological responses of complex cellular network in 3D under external stimulus (fluid shear, micro-textured surfaces, surface ligands).

We discover novel optical principles for the development of 4D imaging flow assays by exploring the interface of optics, surface chemistry and data science, Through our imaging, computational and biological tools, we shall profile complex functional behavior of cellular network and validate drug targets or the study of diseases and disorders.

Find out more about the Optical Biofluidic Imaging Group (OBIG) group on their website.  


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"Modified inverted selective plane illumination microscopy for sub-micrometer imaging resolution in polydimethylsiloxane soft lithography devices" Lab On Chip (2020)

"Imaging platelet processes and function-current and emerging approaches for imaging in vitro and in vivo” Front. Immunol. (2020)

"Advanced Optical Imaging of Blood Thrombus", European Physical Journal (Web Conf) (2019) - Invited talk at European Optical Society

"Quantifying embolism: label free volumetric mapping of thrombus structure and kinesis in a microfluidic system with optical holography" Advanced Biosystems (2018)

"Optical toolkits for in vivo deep  tissue laser scanning microscopy: a primer", Journal of Optics (2018)

"Flexible polygon-mirror based laser scanning microscope platform for multiphoton in-vivo imaging” J of Biophotonics (2017)

"In vivo cellular imaging of internal organs in small animals with GRIN fluorescence endomicroscopy: from fabrication to imaging” Nature Protocols  (2012)