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Epilepsy and olfaction Current
The spatial frequency doubling illusion Current
Characterising 3D image structure Potential
Multifocal pupillographic objective perimetry Current
Higher order image statistics and image texture Current
The role of oxidative stress in the progression of retinal degenerations Current
Optimising the dose of 670nm light therapy for treatment of retinal degenerations Current
670nm Red Light as a treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity (Phase 1 Clinical Trial) Current
The use of miRNA as potential therapeutic targets in diseases causing retinal degenerations Current
Role of miRNA in retinal degeneration Current
Role of deeply conserved RNA structures as novel regulators of pathogenesis-associated pathways Current
RNA-binding proteins rewire transcriptomes during immune cell differentiation Current
Predicting cell-type specific combinatorial binding of neuronal transcription factor network by deep learning Current
Integration of single-cell and spatial transcriptomics underlies the molecular disparity in age-related macular degeneration mice eye Current
Discovery of novel cis-regulatory RNA structures using deep neural network Current
Characterisation of the role of H2A.B spermatogenesis during heat stress Potential
Investigation of a role of H2A.B3 in piRNA biology Potential
A novel mechanism of epigenetic information transfer between different cell types Potential
Investigating a role of C/T antigens in spermatogenesis and cancer Potential
How is H2A.B involved in Hodgkin lymphoma carcinogenesis? Potential
Predictive models of RNA biochemical modifications and their role in RNA processing Current
Novel algorithms to study transcriptome variation with long-read sequencing Current
Rapid translation-based stress responses to environmental changes. Current
Translational control in cancer. Current
Innovative methods to detect rapid translational control. Current