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Platelet-based autoimmune diseases Current
Platelet-erythrocyte interactions in the bloodstream Potential
Platelet-tumour cell interactions and cancer-related thrombosis Current
Platelets as an intravascular link in neurological diseases (eg Alzheimer’s Disease) Current
Potential role of phase separation in transposon defence Potential
Predicting cell-type specific combinatorial binding of neuronal transcription factor network by deep learning Current
Predictive models of RNA biochemical modifications and their role in RNA processing Current
Presymptomatic Signatures of Interneuron Dysfunction in Mice Models of Striatum-Related Pathologies Potential
Projection of three-dimensional light fields for neurophotonics Current
Quantitative studies of the presentation of viral antigens to the immune system (especially CD8+ T cells) during infection Potential
Rapid translation-based stress responses to environmental changes. Current
Regulation of amino acids in the brain Potential
Regulation of chromatin remodeling of the rRNA genes in mouse embryonic stem cells Current
RNA polymerase I inhibitors as therapeutics for cancer: analysis of p53 -dependent and – independent cell cycle checkpoints Current
RNA polymerase I inhibitors as therapeutics for cancer: Testing combination therapies for haematologic malignancies Current
RNA-binding proteins rewire transcriptomes during immune cell differentiation Current
Role of deeply conserved RNA structures as novel regulators of pathogenesis-associated pathways Current
Role of miRNA in retinal degeneration Current
Sensory coding mechanisms in rat somatosensory system Current
Sensory integration in the whisker pathway Current
Studying histidine-rich glycoprotein (HRG) Current
Studying the interaction between genes and environment in Indigenous Kidney Disease Potential
Synthetic platelet microbicidal peptides as novel anti-malarial drugs Potential
T cell responses to malaria Potential
Test novel mucosal vaccine adjuvants to enhance mucosal B and T cell immunity against mucosal pathogens Current