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How does alcohol combine with genetics to alter brain development? Potential
How IL-5, IL-3 and GM-CSF regulate blood cell growth and function Current
How is H2A.B involved in Hodgkin lymphoma carcinogenesis? Potential
Identification and analysis of platelet polymorphisms associated with malaria susceptibility Potential
Identification of multi-step splicing events genome-wide Potential
Identify biomarkers to measure vaccine-specific mucosal immunity Current
Identifying the causes of germline mutation Current
Identifying the genetic signatures of acquired resistance to Pol I transcription inhibitors in cancer Current
Investigate our novel finding that lymphocytes can gain cell surface molecules from bystander cells by membrane exchange Potential
Investigating a role of C/T antigens in spermatogenesis and cancer Potential
Investigating B and T lymphocytes Current
Investigating how pertubations in ribosome biogenesis inhibit cellular growth Current
Investigating the role of heparan sulfate and heparanase in tumour metastasis, angiogenesis and inflammation Current
Investigating the role of platelets in tumour growth and metastasis Potential
Investigating the role of platelets in tumour metastasis Current
Investigation of a role of H2A.B3 in piRNA biology Potential
Investigation of the functions of the mammalian homologues of Drosophila genes Current
Leukemia Models Current
Mathematical models of non-random features of synaptic transmission Current
Mechanisms regulating IL-5 gene expression in T lymphocytes Current
Messenger RNA and noncoding RNA in cardiac biology Potential
Migration, effector function and transcriptional regulation of Th17 Current
Modelling human primary immune deficiences in mice Current
Modelling of presynaptic calcium dynamics during synaptic depression Current
Modelling of short-term synaptic plasticity at cortical synapses Current