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Epilepsy and olfaction Current
Evaluate B cell immunity to HIV vaccines Current
Evaluate the quality of HIV-specific mucosal and systemic immunity following prime-boost vaccination Current
Evaluate the role of IL-4/IL-13 at the vaccination site in the context of antigen presenting cells and innate lymphocytic cells Current
Evaluate vaccine route specific immunity in relation to IL-4 and IL-13 Current
Evolution of behavioural, personality and cognitive diversity in humans Current
Exosomes in retinal degenerations Current
Functional Ca imaging of odour responses in the piriform cortex Current
Gene regulation through interactions between RNA, enzymes and metabolites Potential
Glial modulation of neuronal activity Potential
Glutamate recycling at synapses Potential
Harnessing the immune response against cancer Potential
Harnessing the immune response against cancer Current
Higher order image statistics and image texture Current
Host red enzymes as targets for host-directed antimalarial therapy Potential
How does alcohol combine with genetics to alter brain development? Potential
How is H2A.B involved in Hodgkin lymphoma carcinogenesis? Potential
Identification and analysis of platelet polymorphisms associated with malaria susceptibility Potential
Identify biomarkers to measure vaccine-specific mucosal immunity Current
Identifying the causes of germline mutation Current
Innovative methods to detect rapid translational control. Current
Integration of single-cell and spatial transcriptomics underlies the molecular disparity in age-related macular degeneration mice eye Current
Investigate our novel finding that lymphocytes can gain cell surface molecules from bystander cells by membrane exchange Potential
Investigating a role of C/T antigens in spermatogenesis and cancer Potential
Investigating B and T lymphocytes Current