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Platelet-based autoimmune diseases Current
Platelets as an intravascular link in neurological diseases (eg Alzheimer’s Disease) Current
Platelet-tumour cell interactions and cancer-related thrombosis Current
How does alcohol combine with genetics to alter brain development? Potential
Embryonic development: How does elevated Wnt signalling cause heart defects? Potential
Uncovering the roles of viral and host genes in viral pathogenesis Potential
Understanding herpes simplex virus latency Potential
Quantitative studies of the presentation of viral antigens to the immune system (especially CD8+ T cells) during infection Potential
The role of oxidative stress in the progression of retinal degenerations Current
Optimising the dose of 670nm light therapy for treatment of retinal degenerations Current
670nm Red Light as a treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity (Phase 1 Clinical Trial) Current
The use of miRNA as potential therapeutic targets in diseases causing retinal degenerations Current
Role of miRNA in retinal degeneration Current
Determining synaptic properties in small networks of neurons Current
Modelling of presynaptic calcium dynamics during synaptic depression Current
Mathematical models of non-random features of synaptic transmission Current
Calcium imaging of presynaptic terminals Current
Modelling of short-term synaptic plasticity at cortical synapses Current
Sensory coding mechanisms in rat somatosensory system Current
Neuronal and behavioural correlates of sensory adaptation Current
Sensory integration in the whisker pathway Current
Neuronal substrate of choice Current
T cell responses to malaria Potential
B cell responses to malaria Potential
Why do live pathogens make better vaccines? Completed in 2023