Genotyping »

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Illumina Sequencing »

Illumina Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a massively parallel DNA sequencing technique, using sequencing-by-synthesis chemistry to sequence millions or billions of DNA fragments simultaneously.

Nanopore Sequencing (ONT) »

We offer Nanopore sequencing services to researchers worldwide. We can assist with nucleic acid quality control, library prep (gDNA), PromethION and MinION sequencing and providing a shared high-spec computer for MinION users.

PacBio Sequencing »

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BRF sanger sequencing ABI3730 BigDye

Sanger Sequencing »

We are committed to provide an excellent service, accurate results, fast turnaround times, at low cost.

Shared Laboratory Equipment »

The BRF houses and maintains a shared laboratory, containing various equipment for DNA, RNA and protein QC, plate imaging, immunoassays, sequencing and more. We provide training for these instruments, and onsell reagents and consumables for ease of use.