Talo Computational Biology Talent Accelerator

This program is funded by Talo’s founders, Mr Loong Wang (left) and Mr Taiyang Zhang (right).

Humanity’s newfound ability to sequence thousands of genomes, measure millions of molecules, or characterise individual cells in their tissue environments will revolutionise healthcare. Computational solutions - from distributed computing to deep learning - are increasingly essential to process and interpret the deluge of data from these new technologies and to enable biomedical progress. There is a shortage of individuals with the multidisciplinary skills to harness these challenges and drive the next generational health outcomes.

The Talo Computational Biology Talent Accelerator, at the John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR), offers scholarships and grants to support talented students and early career researchers to work on cutting-edge computational biology.

Led by the Centre of Computational Biomedical Sciences (CCBS), the Program creates an entrepreneurial research and learning environment, underpinned by biomedical research excellence. Awardees will be supported to become leaders of the computational biology revolution.

At CCBS, computational and biomedical researchers work closely with researchers from other disciplines and with data-producing laboratories. Our researchers develop cutting-edge computational platforms and tools to analyse and interpret genomics, imaging and clinical data in human disease.

Talo’s founders, Mr Loong Wang and Mr Taiyang Zhang, established this unique program. Their vision is to support talented students, from computer science backgrounds, to solve biomedical problems. This extraordinary philanthropic donation was motivated by their desire to support the future of medical science, give back to ANU and Canberra, supporting new talent for the ACT workforce that will drive scientific exploration and economic development.