You can watch the Honours Information Evening 2021 recording below. General honours information is presented along with representatives from each department describing available research projects. There is a question and answer session at the end. 



The main component of the 10 month honours course is a supervised research project that is undertaken in one of the medical research laboratories at ANU. The other marked component of the year is the presentation of a recent research paper to foster skills in critical analysis of the literature. Students are expected to attend a journal club program, various safety courses, workshops and seminars, write a literature review and present seminars on their research work. Through this project students learn skills in critical analysis of the literature, project and experiment planning, laboratory and other techniques in medical research, data analysis and interpretation, and communication of research outcomes.
Most students in this honours course are expected to be doing projects with supervisors based in the John Curtin School of Medical Research, in the disciplines of Cancer Biology and Therapeutics, Genome Biology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases, or Neuroscience. However projects may be undertaken in laboratories in the Research School of Biology, other Schools at ANU where a group has a focus on medical research, or The Canberra Hospital at the discretion of the convenor.

    Find a research project

    Participate in a specialised medical research honours program encompassing a diverse range of medically relevant topics. 

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    Once you have found an honours project, discuss it with the potential supervisors and the honours convenor several months before the proposed starting date. You need an academic staff member to agree to supervise your project and also the agreement of the honours convenor before your application can be approved by the College of Health and Medicine Subdean.

    To find out more about every research group at JCSMR, check out the following links:

    How to apply

    Semester 1 intake - applications close on 15 December

    Semester 2 intake - applications close on 31 May

    Find out how to apply for honours and admission dates on the College of Health & Medicine website. As part of your application to Honours, you will need to submit a NOMINATION OF SUPERVISOR form if undertaking a Medical Research project.  



    JCSMR offers the following to our honours program students at the start of the New Year (Mid-Year students can also apply):

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