Dr Amee George

BSc (Hons), PhD
Fellow - ACRF Department of Cancer Biology and Therapeutics
Manager - ANU Centre for Therapeutic Discovery

Devlin, JR, Hannan, KM, Hein, N, Cullinane, C, Kusnadi, E, Ng, PY, George, AJ, Shortt, J, Bywater, MJ, Poortinga, G, Sanij, E, Kang, J, Drygin, D, O'Brien, S, Johnstone, RW, McArthur, GA, Hannan RD and Pearson, RB (2016) Combination therapy targeting ribosome biogenesis and mRNA translation synergistically extends survival in MYC-driven lymphoma. Cancer Discovery 6(1):59-70

Quin, J, Chan, KT, Devlin, JR, Cameron, DP, Diesch, J, Cullinane, C, Ahern, J, Khot, A, Hein, N, George, AJ, Hannan, KM, Poortinga, G, Sheppard, KE, Khanna, KK, Johnstone, RW, Drygin, D, McArthur, GA, Pearson, RB, Sanij E and Hannan, RD (2016) Inhibition of RNA Polymerase transcription initiation activates non-canonical ATM/ATR signaling. Oncotarget. 2016 Jul 6. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.10452. [Epub ahead of print]

Chan, KT, Paavolainen, L, Hannan, KM, George, AJ, Hannan, RD,  Simpson, KJ,  Horvath, P and Pearson, RB (2016) Whole-Genome RNAi screening and phenotypic classification analysis to identify regulators of oncogene-Induced senescence. Assay and Drug Development Technologies (in press)