Research groups

The Andrews group - Genome Informatics »

A data revolution is underway in modern biological science, now that obtaining the genome sequence for an individual organism has become routine and increasingly affordable due to exponential advances in sequencing technologies. 

The Arkell Group - Early Mammalian Development »

We aim to understand the complex molecular processes by which these transcription factors interact with signal transduction pathways, chromatin, RNA and other proteins in order to orchestrate these important developmental processes

The Bruestle Group - Inflammatory T Cell Responses »

The Bruestle Group - Inflammatory T Cell Responses, is focusing on different T helper cell subsets and how they modulate immunity in diverse autoimmune mouse models.

The Burgio Group - Genome Editing and Genetics of Host-Pathogens Interactions »

Our research aims to better understand how antimicrobial resistance occurs in microorganisms and how to find new therapies.

The Cockburn Group - Malaria Immunology »

The focus of our research is understanding how to generate effective immunity against the malaria parasite Plasmodium.

The Cook Group - Translational Research »

Seeking to understand the genetic etiology and cellular pathogenesis of human diseases arising from dysregulated immunity.

The Enders Group - Models of human primary immunodeficiencies »

The main focus of the lab is to investigate novel pathways regulating B cell development and function.

The Li Group - Trauma and Orthopaedic Research  »

Dr Li is a molecular pharmacologist and osteoimmunologist with interests in understanding the processes that control a ‘foreign body reaction or response’ initiated by biomaterials implanted into bone or exposed to human bone cells.

The Man Group - Innate Immunity and Inflammasomes »

The Man Group investigates the role of innate immunity in infectious diseases and cancer.

The McMorran Group - Genetics and Infectious Diseases »

The main focus of our research is to understand the host response to malarial infection.

The Ranasinghe Group - Molecular Mucosal Vaccine Immunology »

Our laboratory focuses on understanding the problems associated with HIV vaccine failure in humans and exploring different vaccine routes.

The Simeonovic Group - Diabetes/Transplantation Immunology »

We propose that during T1D development, neutrophils are activated by platelets to release NETs/histones inside blood vessels and within islets.

The Tscharke Group - Viruses and Immunity »

Our research interests are Immunity to virus infection and in particular CD8+ T cells, poxviruses and herpesviruses and antigen presentation.

The Vinuesa Group - Humoral Immunity & Autoimmunity »

Investigating cellular and molecular events that regulate production and selection versus elimination of memory B cells.