Meet the team

Centre Executive & Operations Team

Professor Thomas Preiss

Thomas is as a global authority in the field of mRNA biology. Over three decades, his RNA research has led to insights that are key features of today’s successful mRNA therapeutics, making him an indispensable architect of our current scientific achievements.

Associate Professor Jiayu Wen
Deputy Director

Jean’s expertise lies at the intersection of RNA-mediated post-transcriptional gene regulation and the intricate world of computational biology.

Anna Maria Benc
Centre Manager

Anna brings significant professional experience, having supported prestigious research alliances including the Centre for Personalised Immunology, the Australian Genomics Health Alliance, Canberra Clinical Genomics and eWater Co-operative Research Centre (now eWater Ltd).

Professor Eduardo Eyras

Eduardo is a highly regarded expert in the creation of advanced computational tools tailored to the study of RNA biology. Eduardo’s expertise in developing cutting edge computational solutions has consistently addressed a wide spectrum of intricate challenges within the field of RNA biology.

Associate Professor Riccardo Natoli

Riccardo, in collaboration with his dedicated team have pioneered the creation of a unique rodent model for dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration, a breakthrough innovation of great significance in the realm of miRNA therapeutics and diagnostics research.

Dr Tatiana Soboleva

Tatiana's research delves into the intricate mechanisms governing testis-specific epigenetic regulators, including histone variants, and their impact on pre-mRNA splicing, gene expression and genome compaction within their physiological environment of the testis.

Dr Nikolay Shirokikh

Nikolay is a distinguished molecular biologist who focusses on comprehensive investigation and application of homeostatically active and evolutionary significant RNA.



Our Research Fellows



Our Group Leaders

Associate Professor Amee George

An expert in high-throughput screening and drug discovery.

Professor Ross Hannan

Global expert in targeting rRNA to treat disease.

Ms Stephanie Palmer

Over 30 years of core facility experience.

Dr Gaetan Burgio

A CRISPR expert exploring new systems

Professor Leonie Quinn

Providing insight into RNA systems in control of Development and Disease.

Dr Rippei Hayashi

An expert in transposon defence pathway.

Professor David Tremethick

International leader in the field of chromatin biology.

Associate Professor Tamás Fischer

An expert in nuclear non-coding RNAs with a focus on R-loops and RNA-DNA hybrids.