New Insights into the role of platelets in haemostasis, inflammation and thrombosis

Professor Steve P Watson, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, College of Medical and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham

The focus of the presentation will be on two platelet receptors, GPVI and CLEC-2, which activate platelets through Src, Syk and Tec tyrosine kinases using a pathway that is conserved with Fc receptors. Recent evidence will be presented showing that GPVI is a receptor for fibrin and fibrinogen, as well as for collagen. This has important implications for our understanding of haemostasis and thrombosis.  There is increasing evidence that platelets plays a critical role in inflammation. The role of CLEC-2 in inflammation and in thromboinflammation, and the role of GPVI and CLEC-2 in vascular integrity at sites of inflammatory challenge will be discussed.