Libraries made by the BRF

Our staff at the BRF routinely perform library preparation for various types of RNA. We leverage the transcriptome using oligo-dT enrichment of poly-A mRNA followed by strand-specific amplification, library construction and sequencing. For researchers interested in preserving some of the non-coding RNA in their sample, we deplete ribosomal RNA enzymatically prior to library construction.

Degraded, low-input RNA or short RNA is processed with slight modifications to existing protocols to omit fragmentation where necessary, or by using gel-free protocols optimised for the preservation of precious material.

Get in touch with the BRF at brf@anu.edu.au for a discussion about your RNA-seq project. After determining your required sequencing output, navigate to the "How to order" tab on the Illumina Sequencing page, download and complete an order form for the appropriate sequencer. Send an email to the BRF with:

  • Completed order form
  • Sample QC report from Agilent TapeStation or Bioanalyzer, or similar