The healthy value of light in blood

Blood is essential for life. Understanding blood cells and their interaction with a myriad network of living vessels holds key to the health of circulatory system. Modern optical engineering techniques has transformed light into an indispensable tool to investigate and monitor the health of the blood circulatory system.

In this talk, I shall elucidate cutting edge approaches, combining the latest optical engineering with novel biological studies, which are presenting new opportunities to capture dynamic blood processes while it is occurring. I will also touch upon the latest advances of light tools in my laboratory that is enabling the next generation of biological imaging tools for detecting blood diseases.

Dr W M (Steve) Lee heads the Applied Optics Lab at Research School of Engineering and Bio-Optics Lab at the John Curtin School of Medical Research. His interdisciplinary and intercontinental training in Electronics Engineering (Singapore), Optical Physics (UK) and Biomedical Optics (USA) have put his interests right at the cross roads of engineering, applied and pure sciences.