ANU Veterinary Services and Ethics Application Update

Lecture Synopsis

Since mid-2019 the ANU has employed 1.8 FTE Veterinarians from the Research Services Division to provide advice, support and training to researchers on campus. 

Dr Suzanne Fowler and Dr Jelena Vukcevic are focused on supporting high quality research outcomes whilst championing exceptional animal welfare standards for animal based research. Dr Fowler will share information on the direction of ANU Veterinary Services and the services that can be offered including advice on ethics protocol applications, specific procedural advice (e.g. surgery and anaesthesia) and training in a range of techniques. The veterinarians would like to see their skills utilised from early in protocol development and are keen to develop proactive engagement with research groups to minimise adverse events and support consistent high quality research outcomes.

About the Speaker

The Research Services Division supports a wide range of activities related to research at ANU. The Animal Ethics Team and Veterinary Services Team work closely together to ensure high quality research is undertaken with high standards of animal care.

Dr Fowler has previously been the Facility Veterinarian for the Australian Phenomics Facility from 2007-2010 and from 2011-2019 managed the facility. In 2019 she transferred to Research Services where she and her colleague, Dr Jelena Vukcevic provide advice, support and training to research groups undertaking animal based research. Dr Fowler has extensive experience in biomedical models and Dr Vukcevic has an interest in conservation medicine and wildlife.