With a freezer full of tissue samples and access to funding, many laboratories are undertaking genome projects on a scale that only a few large genome centres would contemplate five years ago. The scale of data now generated by routine genomics projects quickly produces significant data analysis issues.

The APF team specializes in helping you to translate large, unwieldy sequencing datasets into manageable information in days, not months.

The bioinformatics services we provide:

  • Packages including assisted study design, undertaking pilot projects, development of analysis workflows, pipeline engineering, large data storage and analysis, high-performance computing support, project algorithm scale up, data summary and visualization and assistance with the preparation of grant applications and manuscripts for publications
  • Variant detection with exome sequencing, tumour variant detection, disease gene identification with exome sequencing of pedigrees and targeted gene panel variant detection for pharmacogenomics biomarker identification. Please visit the Exome and Whole Genome page for more information.
  • Large genomics projects handling the bioinformatics from large-scale reproducible analyses of tens to thousands of genomes run in a high-performance computer cluster environment with fast, robust data storage.
  • Building dedicated bioinformatics software pipelines when the project is significant in scope or scale.

Getting data analysis done to a high standard with our bioinformaticians becoming part of your research team as and when needed throughout the life of your project.