Sanger sequencing hints, troubleshooting & software


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DNA Sequencing Software

A number of software programs are available for viewing and editing chromatograms.

  • Sequencher for Mac and Windows (JCSMR has a site licence for this software). Please contact JCSMR IT (x52335) to get it installed on your computer.
  • Applied Biosystems Sequencing Analysis 5.3.1 for Windows XP and SeqScape V2.6 (Sequencing Analysis, alignment, mutation profiling) available from Applied Biosystems.
  • Genemapper 3.7 for Windows XP is available for Microsatellite, AFLP and RFLP analysis available from Applied Biosystems.

Other Analysis Programs include:

  • Sequence Scanner (Sequencing Analysis) and Peak Scanner (Fragment Analysis) for PC
  • EditView 1.0.1 for Mac (Applied Biosystems) for viewing and editing chromatograms (Macintosh OS 9.x, 1.5 Mbytes).
  • FinchTV for viewing and editing chromatograms (Macintosh OS X, Windows, Linux).
  • Chromas software (Windows/DOS)
  • BioEdit Biological sequence alignment editor for Windows 95/98/NT.
  • Genedoc a multiple sequence alignment editor, analyser, and shading utility for Windows.
  • STRand (Fragment Analysis) for PC
  • Traceviewer for Mac, PC or Unix

Other Guides and Links:

  • Genbank
  • BLAST is a set of similarity search programs designed to explore all of the available sequence databases regardless of whether the query is protein or DNA.
  • Entrez (an integrated search and retrieval system that takes information from all of the databases at NCBI).