Sanger Sequencing - core prep samples

The BRF will perform the reactions for you if you elect to use the "Core Prep" service.

Please provide templates and primers at the required concentration and volume in 200 µL tubes. Dilute DNA and primers in water.

Recommended stock concentrations

  PCR product <1kbp PCR product >2 kbp and ds plasmid Minimum volume
Template 20-50 ng/µL 100 ng/µL 15 µL
Primer 1.6 pmol/µL 1.6 pmol/µL 15 µL

If you sequence one template with, for example, three primers, please submit three times as much of the template (ie, 45 µL) in one tube.  Similarly, if one primer is to be used on three templates, submit three times as much of that primer (ie, 45 µL) in one tube.

We have the following primers available at no extra charge:

  • -21 M13 Forward (Up)
  • M13RP (RP)
  • T7
  • T3
  • SP6.