The National Platelet Research and Referral Centre (NPRC) seeks to improve our understanding of platelet disorders and identify the most effective treatment options. The range of platelet disorders includes those resulting in low platelet numbers and bleeding related to platelet dysfunction. In doing so we aim to help people living with these diseases by providing a more comprehensive diagnosis and a 'personalised' treatment program specific for their condition.

Our vision

is to improve the understanding of, treatment for, and quality of life for individuals with platelet disorders.

Our mission

To undertake a systematic and comprehensive approach to better classify platelet disorders through research that combines novel and established scientific methods with extensive clinical data collection. Using this approach, we aim to unravel the distinct mechanisms of disease in each patient and provide improved treatment choices that will increase the likelihood of a cure.

Our values

Determination to improve treatment outcomes for affected individuals

Inclusion of experts in the field across Australia to increase the likelihood of successful outcomes

Vision across scientific and clinical arenas with novel lines of enquiry

Funding and in-kind support