Dr Abhimanu Pandey among the prestigious Royal Society of New South Wales early career citations awardees

Dr Abhimanu Pandey - Photo: Jamie Kidston/ANU Dr Abhimanu Pandey JCSMR
15 January 2024

Postdoctoral researcher Dr Abhimanu Pandey at the John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR) of The Australian National University (ANU) has been awarded the prestigious Royal Society of New South Wales (RSNSW) Bicentennial Early Career Research and Service Citations Award. The award recognises outstanding contributions to research and service to the academic and wider community.

Dr Pandey is a lead researcher at JCSMR studying the role of innate immunity in infection and cancer. He is attached to the Man Group headed by Professor Si Ming Man.

In a recent paper in which Dr Pandey was the lead author, it was shown that protein in the immune system can be manipulated to help overcome bowel cancer.

Cancer is a global health burden, with the incidence rate of bowel cancer expected to increase by 64% globally and 51% in Australia in the next 20 years.

During his PhD, Dr Pandey identified several immune proteins that are important to halt the development and progression of bowel cancer.

“Using many different experimental approaches, we found a network of immune proteins working together inside a cell, just like a sporting team, to prevent a healthy cell from becoming a cancer cell” said Dr Pandey.

“Drugs that can specifically boost the immune system to fight cancer are expected to join the ranks of surgery and chemotherapy in treating people with bowel cancer. Abhi’s research is changing the way we study and use immune proteins, turning them into more effective workers to fight cancer” said Professor Man of the Man Group.

“I am deeply humbled by this award and acknowledge the tremendous support from my nominators and colleagues. I am grateful for the generosity and commitment of RSNSW in recognising and fostering the growth of early career researchers” added Dr Pandey.

After graduate studies in India, Dr Pandey obtained his PhD from JCSMR in 2022.

Dr Abhimanu Pandey with Professor Si Ming Man (R) - Photo: Jamie Kidston/ANU

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