New users and training

Training, advice and access to equipment are available to all researchers, staff and students from research and teaching institutions. Other potential users who wish to use the equipment are welcome to contact staff and discuss their requirements. The facility is operated on a fee basis – by the hour for equipment and by sample for services.

New users can access the facility either by:

  • Contacting Facility staff or
  • Registering a request for a new account and training request on Equipment Booking


New flow cytometry users need to attend a half-day induction before being allowed to book equipment.

All new users should read the following

All the laboratories in the Facility are PC2 certified. This means that all users need to know and comply with the PC2 guidelines. All users should complete a Gene Technology course offered by the ANU. Depending on the equipment being used, the user may also be required to complete a Laser Safety course or a Radiation Safety course. Staff will be able to advise users if these are required.