Australian Phenome Bank

The Australian Phenome Bank (APB) is a centralised repository of genetically modified mouse strains and strain information used in Medical Research in Australia. The database includes gene and allele information, descriptions of phenotypes of both homozygous and heterozygous animals and links to publicly available information relating to each strain. The Curator reviews all strain submissions ensures correct nomenclature is assigned and registers alleles and strains with MGI.

  • The APB provides a database of gene variant mouse strains held as frozen stock or live on the shelf of Australia’s leading research institutions.
  • Researchers can search for strains carrying a genetic alteration or phenotype of interest.
  • The team provides the services for re-animation and distribution of APB archived strains and those archived internationally.
  • Researchers can submit strains or strain information to the archive. The team provides service provision for sperm and embryo cryopreservation with storage in two separate locations.

Currently listing over 2,000 public strains start your search today or make an enquiry and allow the dedicated Phenome Bank Curator assist in finding your strain of interest. 

Visit the Australian Phenome Bank website to place your request.