Technical support

In addition to the care and attention to detail provided by the APF animal services team our highly trained technical staff provide a range of services to compliment your research needs.

Our Technicians are trained in:

  • Blood, Tissue or organ sample collection
  • Basic or daily observation
  • Urinalysis
  • Timed mating and pseudo-mating
  • IP, IV and SC injections including immunisations

If you have another procedure that isn’t listed above, please contact us using the enquiries email above and we can look into making this service available to your research group.

All procedures performed at the APF must have appropriate documentation to comply with operational and legislative requirements before they will be performed.

To submit a request for a service please complete the ‘Service Request Form’ found below, save with the requested naming convention and attach to your CHM Workbook Request (ANU Internal Users only).

Access the Online Workbook