Colony maintenance

The APF has a full colony management service at the lowest external price in Australia. You can manage the breeding of your strains remotely through the “Musterer” database or task your dedicated project manager and colony coordinator to undertake your breeding and sampling management.

Our Maintenance service package includes:

  • Mouse holding in Tecniplast Greenline IVC caging at a maximum of 5 adult mice/cage
  • Breeding management for the majority of strain types
  • Weaning
  • ID or genetic sampling by ear punching
  • Basic veterinary care including treatment of short-term conditions such as skin problems
  • 24/7 Real-time access to strain data through the ‘Musterer’ web database
  • Daily checks of mice and cage changing as required
  • Genotyping of appropriate strains including the biopsy collection and genotype assay with results uploaded to the database for your real-time viewing

Our onsite veterinary manager can also deliver veterinary advice on ethics protocol applications, procedure developments/improvements, perform preliminary post-mortem and provide sample collection services on request.

Mouse caging »

Cage held for 1 week with included genotyping, basic veterinary care, husbandry, blood collection, DNA collection, health monitoring.

Mouse caging - whole room »

Dedicated suite with own hierarchy, dedicated staff member trained to specific needs and all care included in weekly mouse caging.

New Users: Contact us for more information to gain access to our wide range of services.

Current Users: Please use our online ordering system to place mouse orders. To login use your uni ID and HORUS password. If you experience any problems please reference the manual or contact us at