Seasons bring more reason to celebrate!

JCSMR Honours and HDR graduates of December 2023 with Professor Graham Mann. (Photo: Kassapa Senarath - JCSMR Communications) JCSMR Honours and HDR Graduates December 2023
11 December 2023

End of the year brings more reason to celebrate for the HDR and Honours students at the John Curtin Medical Research School (JCSMR) of ANU College of Health and Medicine. JCSMR hosted a graduation morning tea reception for the year-end graduates on 8 December which was participated by researchers, supervisors and colleagues.

Thirteen PhD and 26 Honours students completed their academic research and graduated from JCSMR this December 2023.

Professor Graham Mann, Director of JCSMR, who spoke at the event, appreciated the hard work of the students as well as supervisors for guiding them to achieve this accomplishment in their lives.

“I commend all students for their courage taking on these challenges. I also appreciate the supervisors, who had gone the extra mile to guide the students,” he said.

Associate Dean (HDR) of ANU College of Health and Medicine Associate Professor Anne Bruestle and JCSMR Honours Convenor Associate Professor Anselm Enders were also present.

End of the year, JCSMR PhD awardees are:

Mary Arden

Khaing Phyu Aung

Preeti Dave

Jessica Herrington

Rhys Knowles

Pablo Acera Mateos

Angela Nicoli

Nathan Reynolds  

Anusree Sivadas

Alex Sneddon 

Huma Sohail

Cynthia Turnbull

Zaka Yuen

From left - Huma Sohail, Angela Nicoli, Professor Graham Mann, Jessica Herrington, Alex Sneddon and Nathan Reynolds  

Honours graduates:

Lakshmi Aravamudhan

Isabella Bales

Lachlan Bullman

Sidney Chung

Phoebe Doohan

Marissa Ellis

Yanran Fan

Jasmina Frawley

Thomas Gibbs

Gemma Hart

Lynne El Hassan

Nusayaba Kabir

Citha Laurensia

Nicole Lehman

Lucy Lyu

Jacob Martin

Stella Conduit McNeil

Ketan Pajni

Lijie Qiao

Wafa Rasheed

Daniel Searle

Rahnya Taghi

Sarah Woodcock

Evelyn Yang

Jay Yeaman

Yilan Yu

From left - Jacob Martin, Yanran Fan, Nusayaba Kabir, Phoebe Doohan, Professor Graham Mann, Citha Laurensia, Ketan Pajni, Yilan Yu, Gemma Hart and Lynne El Hassan  


*Some highlights of the event

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Photos: Kassapa Senarath - JCSMR Communications