Rising Star: Jin Si Lam wins the 2024 University Medal

Jin Si Lam (Photo: Kassapa Senarath |JCSMR Communications)
8 July 2024

Jin Si Lam, a standout student from the John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR), has been awarded the prestigious University Medal for 2024. This esteemed award recognises students who achieve First Class Honours (or Masters Advanced Equivalent) and demonstrate exceptional academic excellence throughout their studies.

Jin Si is a member of the Gardiner Group, focusing on the mechanisms of thrombosis and cancer. Her research explores how platelets are produced using the anticancer drug CX-5461 and radiation. Platelets play a crucial role in clot formation, which stops bleeding. While most cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, reduce platelet counts and increase bleeding risk, CX-5461 uniquely increases platelet counts.

"We still don’t fully understand how this group of drugs increases platelet count, and my project aimed to further our understanding of how they work," said Lam.

Jin Si discovered her passion for research at the JCSMR Honours Information Evening, where she explored various projects and lab groups. Like many undergraduates, she faced uncertainty about her future and whether research was the right path.

"An often neglected aspect of research is figuring out your personal reasons for doing it and what you want from it. I ended up talking to Dr James Hearn, who gave me candid advice on all the above and more, leading me to join the Gardiner Lab," Lam recalled.

Lam emphasises the importance of supervisors and labmates in the research experience. "I joined the Gardiner Lab and received guidance not just scientifically, but personally. Having a team to guide you through broader thinking, experimental planning, and day-to-day techniques makes research fulfilling and achievable," she said.

Looking ahead, Jin Si is passionate about science communication and teaching. "My hope is to explore these pathways first, and maybe in the future, I’ll come back to do a PhD," she shared.

Despite her demanding research schedule, thesis, and exams, Jin Si always found time to enjoy her hobbies, including playing board games, piano, and climbing with friends.

The JCSMR Honours program continues to showcase its academic excellence. Last year, Gemma Hart from the Jiang Group of Personalized Medicine and Autoimmunity also won the University Medal for 2023, highlighting the consistent high standards of the program.

Photo: Kassapa Senarath | JCSMR Communications


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