Raise the Curtin - Sarah Davidson

A registered nurse and a trial manager with a passion for gardening - Image: Sarah Davidson

Meet Sarah Davidson, Program Manager at the Clinical Hub for Interventional Research (CHOIR) at JCSMR. As the Program Manager, Sarah manages academic research projects at CHOIR. She is also a registered nurse with 15+ years working experience in clinical trials as a Clinical Trial Nurse in the public health system, and as a Trial Manager in the academic sector.

CHOIR is the central point for early phase clinical research within the ANU College of Health and Medicine and aims to support the specialised functions involved in conducting high quality clinical trials to the required international standards (ICH-GCP).

Although Sarah is having a busy work life as a manager and a nurse, she always finds time to enjoy being a gardener whenever possible.

What is your role at JCSMR?

Program Manager, CHOIR.

What do you like the most about your role?

Autonomy; opportunity to make a difference in research practice at JCSMR/ the ANU College of Health and Medicine (CHM) under the TRANSFORM initiative; working with leading researchers.

What is your favourite thing to do when you're not working?


What inspired you to pursue a career in your field?

Had a friend working in clinical trials, I was inspired by her enthusiasm for it and found an opportunity to move from clinical bedside nursing into the research field. Haven’t looked back!

What is the thing you look forward to most when you are at JCSMR?

As I am Sydney based, getting face to face time with my staff! Also, walks around ANU campus - so beautiful.

Where do you hope to be five years from now?

Managing our established research support initiatives within JCSMR and CHM. Leading CHOIR clinical trials development and implementation with CHM researchers and other collaborators.

What's a book you'd recommend?

Recently finished ‘The Uncaged Sky’ by the lecturer in Islamic studies Kylie Moore-Gilbert. I felt as though I was there with her throughout the book. What I remember most vividly was her relationships with the other women in prison, and how she navigated relationships with prison staff.

What brings you the most joy in life?

My partner, friends, gardening, travel, music, cooking, reading.

Do you have a motto by which you live? What is it?

Get it done!


Sarah's garden

Ice breaking in New Zealand

Enjoying Kyoto, Japan


Chillin in Paris

In Valencia, Spain

Sarah (second from the left) with her CHOIR group members and collaborators during a team retreat.


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