Professor Lindy Jeffree - The Alfred Hospital, Monash University

Professor Lindy Jeffree

Blue sky dreaming: Supporting brain cancer research with automated electronic data collection.


Hosted by: Professor Leonie Quinn



Brain Cancer causes disproportionate loss of life years and there are few promising new treatments on the horizon. Brain Cancer biobanking Australia has recent been awarded funding to develop three platforms to improve care: an Australian Brain Cancer Registry to reduce unwarranted variation in patient care; a Registry Trials platform to facilitate data-driven trials and patient donation of data and specimens to research; and a Biobanking and Organoid platform to standardise operating procedures and enable collaborative translational research. Professor Jeffree will discuss the rationale for the platforms, preliminary data from Queensland, and plans for the future.



Professor Lindy Jeffree is attached to Monash University, a senior neurosurgeon and the Director of Neurosurgery at the Alfred Hospital. She has a subspecialty neurooncology practice and a keen interest in the use of big data to improve patient care. Since 2019, she has been working with the national, consumer-led organisation, Brain Cancer Biobanking Australia, to establish an Australian Brain Cancer Registry.