Taiyang and Loong PhD Scholarships

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A PhD program is the most effective way to upskill graduates with computer science and engineering backgrounds with the knowledge and research skills to address biomedical problems. We offer PhD scholarships for intellectually curious and high-performing students with a thirst for cross-disciplinary learning and impact in health and biology.

Over a four-year program, PhD scholars will engage in computational biology research at the John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR). The Program will include introductory seminars on biology, genomics, and biological data analysis, as well as outreach activities to undergraduate and masters students. Additional soft-skill training will be available, with special focus on effective partnerships with biomedical scientists.

The overall objectives of the scholarships are to:

  • Achieve an in-depth understanding of biomedical science and the ability to communicate across diverse backgrounds.
  • Understand biomedical problems and identify the right technology to address them.
  • Identify potential applications of new computational technologies to biomedicine that may produce new insights and advances in research and innovation.
  • Identify the translational applications of these technology developments.
  • Exposure to applications of computational technologies in industry and startup companies

More information of the scholarships can be found on this page: Taiyang and Loong PhD Scholarship.

Selection criteria

Eligible applicants include domestic and international graduates from eligible honours and masters degrees. Candidates with industry backgrounds will be encouraged. Candidates must demonstrate sufficient background in computer science and/or engineering, and a keen interest in developing new computer science tools and applications that directly address real-world biomedicine problems. PhD projects will focus on specific biological questions and computational areas. 

Potential projects

Potential PhD projects for this program are listed here.

How to apply

For inquiry on projects and suitability, prospective applicants should contact potential supervisors from the Centre of Computational Biomedical Sciences (CCBS). Formal applications are done through the JCSMR PhD application page.

Application rounds close on the 15th April, 31st August and 31st October.

For further information about the admission process to the JCSMR PhD program, please contact JCSMR HDR.