A novel mechanism of epigenetic information transfer between different cell types

This project focuses on the understanding of how germ cells control the function of Sertoli cells, the key somatic cells of seminiferous tubules of testis that ensure proper differentiation of germ cells. In H2A.B KO mice, Sertoli cell function is impaired, yet H2A.B is solely expressed by germ cells suggesting that there is a cross-talk between germ and Sertoli cells and that the H2A.B in germ cells may be involved in control of Sertoli cell function.

This project offers an all-rounding way to fully immerse students into scientific life, as it gives opportunity to master your experimental skills, learn some of the state-of-the-art techniques, as well as find out a lot about very exciting fields of biology, such as epigenetics spermatogenesis and how it can relate to cancer.

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