Innovative methods to detect rapid translational control.

The major current limitations in the field include (a) lack of simple, reliable methods for surveying data on translational control concurrently to the information about abundances of the transcripts, (b) inability to precisely relate RNA footprint and fragment data to diverse isoforms and modifications of RNA and (c) the absence of an integrative view which would incorporate the observed changes in transcriptional and cytoplasmic RNA activity and the respective structure and isoform-level gene involvement of the RNA. We wish to address these gaps in capability by using accurate read-outs of translation efficiency available to us and developing methods for parallel extraction of structural, isoform and RNA-binding protein (RBP) positional data, together with ligand-specific ribosome localisation read-outs, in collaboration with the other JCSMR and external groups, along with streamlining the approaches to collect this information.