Epilepsy and olfaction

This project uses acute slices of the piriform cortex, as well as in vivo recordings, to study the synaptic features of the piriform cortex that make it unusually susceptible to epilepsy.  We are also testing a novel idea about an endogenous anticonvulsant mechanism that is found in the piriform cortex, called persistent barrage firing.  Some of this work involves electrical kindling of mice and 2-photon calcium imaging, as well as histological studies of epileptic brain tissue.  This work is a collaboration with Dr Mark McDonnell, University of South Australia.

  • Suzuki, N., Tang, CS.-M. & Bekkers, JM. (2014)  Persistent barrage firing in cortical interneurons can be induced in vivo and may be important for the suppression of epileptiform activity.  Front. Cell. Neurosci. 8, 76-86.