Molecular Immunology

This course examines in detail all aspects of the biology of the immune system, and uses this foundation to study the application of immunobiology to human disease. Topics will include the innate immune system, antigen processing and presentation, HLA, B and T lymphocytes, and how the immune system provides a coordinated response to viral, bacterial and helminthic pathogens.

This biology will then be applied to the understanding of the pathogenesis of human autoimmunity, allergy, immunodeficiency and cancer, how such diseases can be diagnosed in the diagnostic pathology laboratory, and the theoretical basis of new treatment strategies.

Finally, the course will cover research methods including animal models that prepare for future research into human immunological disease, aided by close liaison with, and presentations by, leaders in immunological research at ANU. Practical demonstrations in flow cytometry will be complemented by small group tutorials examining specific topics in immunobiology and analysis of the latest publications in the field.