This service entails the provision of accurate, high throughput genotyping of mice housed within the APF as well as from external animal facilities.

  • The APF design and optimize new assays for any project or utilise existing genotyping assays currently available for a variety of transgenic, knock-out and N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea (ENU) mutant lines.
  • Mouse tissues are collected and processed by highly trained technicians.
  • Interpreted genotyping data is returned electronically to the researcher or easily accessed through the Musterer database.
  • Strains requiring genotyping by Sanger sequencing will incur additional charges.

DNA preparation: Crude-from ear punch (plate) »

DNA preparation -Crude-from ear punch (plate)

Genotyping - New assay »

Marker design, testing and optimisation.

SNP assay »

SNP assay

Standard PCR assay »

Standard PCR assay

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