Fluidigm Biomark Genetic Analysis System

The Biomark is an exciting system that melds Microfluidics and Real-time PCR.  The system enables 9216 reactions in 7nL volume allowing real-time profiling of 96 target genes against 96 samples in a single run.
The BioMark is an enabling technology, which for the first time allows:

  • The profiling of up to 96 different genes from single cells. This means that the gene expression profiles can be determined for a single neuron, a single immune cell or a cancer cell.
  • Digital PCR. A form of real-time q-PCR that has 10 fold greater sensitivity than TaqMan q-PCR and allows quantification of the number of copies of a gene in Copy Number Variation (CNV) studies.

The BioMark offers great improvements to existing real-time PCR technology allowing large-scale gene expression and genotyping in a single run in either a 96x96 or 48x48 format, a requirement for population-based studies and translational research.

Consumables compatible with this instrument are available for purchase via dnaLIMS.