Illumina MiSeq

The MiSeq personal sequencing system enables researchers to go from sample to analyzed data in as little as eight hours. MiSeq integrates amplification, sequencing, and data analysis in a single instrument. The MiSeq system leverages Illumina’s proven TruSeq® sequencing by synthesis chemistry, making it the ideal platform for anyone performing rapid and cost-effective genetic analysis for a wide range of applications. These include: targeted resequencing (amplicon sequencing, targeted enrichment, 16S metagenomics); small genome sequencing (both de novo and resequencing); RNA sequencing (small RNA and microbial RNA-Seq); library QC; and ChIP-seq.

MiSeq offers paired-end sequence reads of up to 250 bp, for a total of ~8G bases (approximately 15M high quality paired-end reads) in less than 48 hours.

Please visit the Illumina website for more information about MiSeq System Performance Parameters.