ASI Light Sheet Microscopy

  • Field of View* >400 µm diagonal
  • Resolution* 380 nm @ 500 nm wavelength in XYZ Sample Size
  • Unlimited for flat samples, up to 3.5 mm radius hemisphere
  • Depends on objective, these are for Nikon 40x/0.8 WD. Mounting Cover slip or open dish Imaging
  • Depth Limited by scattering, usually 30 -150 µm depending on sample
  • Software:Various free/open-source and proprietary Photomanipulation Available using inverted microscope objective Incubation 25-40 °C with CO2 and humidity control (others possible)
  • Compatible Cameras: Any sCMOS with external trigger
  • Compatible Lasers: Any with TTL control (dual fiber output beneficial) Acquisition Modes Synchronized slice/piezo Stage scan Fixed sheet Multi-D Acquisition Any combination of: Time Points Multi-position Multi-color (up to 4)