Bioinformatics consultancy

The ANU Bioinformatics Consultancy (ABC) provides custom pipeline development and analysis of high-throughput DNA sequencing results. Our bioinformaticians are available to advise on best practice for standard processing of sequencing data and are versed in a number of key technologies:

  • processing data from all major sequencing platforms
  • RNA-seq differential expression analysis
  • genotyping-By-Sequencing and RAD-seq
  • genomic variant calling
  • de novo assembly
  • custom programming in a wide range of language.

We can develop custom pipelines, or provide services which piggy-back on existing pipelines, with or without graphical interfaces. We work with our partners and clients to ensure delivery through to publication if required.

Application development »

Our software engineers in the ABC have a proven track record in providing long-term solutions to complex data-analysis, handling and management software.

Bioinformatic consulting »

Thinking about getting started with a new experiment, but are unsure of statistical factors, experiment technologies, data management or analysis?

Bioinformatics Development Cluster »

The ABC Bioinformatics Development Cluster is a cluster computer resource used for biological data analysis (e.g. high-throughput sequencing data, comparative and computational genomics).

Custom scripting & analysis »

Sometimes you just need to take a different look at the data you already have, or you are starting pilot project and don’t want to invest in something that might not be used again. or analysis?

High-throughput genomics pipelines »

Need help with processing your raw sequencing data for analysis and mapping sequencing reads? Want to ensure the quality of your sequencing dataset?