Animal imaging »

Small animal imaging and intra vital imaging.

Bio-optics imaging »

An interdisciplinary bioimaging development laboratory.

FACS Data Analysis »

The ICF provides access to software for FACS Data Analysis.

Flow Cytometry »

Cell sorting and analysers.

Histology »

Cell sorting and analysers.

Image analysis »

The ICF provides access to software for image analysis.

Live cell imaging »

The ICF has equipment for live cell imaging that can be used on the microscopes in the facility

Microscopy »

The ICF provides access to a range of light microscopy techniques including confocal, multiphoton, live cell and intra-vital imaging.

Single cell & cell metabolism analysis »

Metabolism is a complex process that lies at the core of biology. Changes to metabolism are involved in a huge range of outcomes, from cancer to neurodegeneration, and more.