Research groups

The Arabzadeh Group - Neural Coding »

The Neural Coding Group has a broad interest in systems neuroscience spanning areas such as sensory coding, adaptation and behaviour.

The Bekkers Group - Olfaction »

We are interested in how the mammalian brain processes sensory information received from the external world.

The Billups Group - Synaptic Mechanisms »

The Synaptic Mechanisms Laboratory investigates how individual synapses in the central nervous system function and how they are modulated.

The Casarotto Group - Biomolecular Interactions »

The Casarotto Group explores how the structural properties of biological molecules can impact on the biological process involved in health and disease.

The Daria Group - Neurophotonics »

Our work focuses on novel optical techniques to analyse the brain. A main interest is 3D holographic projection of multiple foci from a single laser source.

The Dehorter Group - Neuronal Development »

The Dehorter Group aims to determine how interneurons shape neuronal networks activity and contribute to circuits balance in health and disease.

The Dulhunty Group - Muscle Research »

We study the cellular mechanisms involved in cytoplasmic calcium signalling, with a focus on the surface membrane of skeletal and cardiac muscle fibres.

The Lamb Group - Retinal rod and cone photoreceptors »

Our Group elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying phototransduction and adaptation - the conversion of light into a neural signal and subsequent recovery

The Maddess Group - Diagnostics for Eye Diseases »

My interest in the optical designs of invertebrate eyes led me to study how visual systems squeeze real-time information into brains of limited capacity

The Natoli Group - Clear Vision Research Lab »

Our lab studies a number of retinal diseases, with our main focus on finding novel diagnostics and treatment options for Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

The Stricker Group - Neuronal Networks »

We study the efficacy of the contacts between the cells, the mechanisms underlying its modulation, and the efficiency of information transfer between cells.

The Stuart Group - Neuronal Signalling »

The Neuronal Signalling Group studies the electrical and chemical signals that nerve cells in the brain use to communicate with one another.

The Valter Group - Retinal Cell Damage and Repair »

My research has been focused on degenerative diseases of the retina, from the molecular and cellular level to the clinical.