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A new technology to fight emerging diseases and pandemics

18 January 2019

Researchers from JCSMR are part of a new consortium, led by the University of Queensland, to develop breakthrough vaccines against deadly infectious diseases.

The food poisoning find that ‘could save lives’

11 December 2018

New research from JCSMR has identified mechanisms involved in food poisoning, and ways to target them, a discovery with the potential to save lives.

Anne Bruestle and Vini Gautam wins ACT Young Tall Poppy Science Award

15 November 2018

Dr Anne Bruestle and Dr Vini Gautam win the ACT Young Tall Poppy Science Award for their work in immunology and neuroscience.


Professor Ian Cockburn - The John Curtin School of Medical Research (ANU)

12pm 31 May 2024
Professor Ian Cockburn will present 'Beyond the Basics: The Importance of Studying Immunity to Complex Pathogens'.