Research groups

The Burgio Group - Genome editing »

By studying how the CRISPR/Cas systems have evolved and diversified against bacteriophage invasion, our laboratory seeks to develop new gene-editing tools.

The Easteal Group - Genome Diversity & Health »

We study the evolutionary interplay between humans and their environments to understand how this dynamic process gave rise to our complex biology; how it made us such a diverse species; and how it impacts our health and wellbeing.

The Eyras Group - Computational RNA Biology »

The Eyras Group is working to understand the biology of RNA and cancer using computational methods.

The Fischer Group - Epigenetics and Genomic Stability »

The Fischer lab investigates the connection between chromatin structure, pervasive transcription and RNA surveillance, and their influence on genomic stability.

The Hayashi Group - Transposon defence and animal development »

We are interested in learning gene expression control mechanisms through the lens of host-transposon interaction and how they play roles in animal development.

The Preiss Group - RNA Biology »

Our group studies the mechanisms and transcriptome-wide patterns of eukaryotic mRNA translation and its regulation by RNA-binding proteins and non-coding RNA.

The Shirokikh Group - Protein Biosynthesis and Homeostatic Control »

Our main approach is to precisely define the types of rapid cell responses by analysing the gene-specific levels of translation.

The Soboleva Group - Germ Cell and Cancer Epigenetics »

The Soboleva Group studies mechanisms by which epigenetics controls cell differentiation and how those processes are affected in cancer.

The Tremethick Group - Chromatin and transcriptional regulation during development »

Chromatin and transcriptional regulation during development

The Wen Group - Computational Biology of RNAs and Functional Genomics »

The Wen Group is a new computational biology lab of RNA and functional genomics, Department of Genome Sciences, The John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU.