Research groups

The Board Group - Molecular Genetics »

The work of the Molecular Genetics Group is aimed at gaining a fundamental understanding of the molecular and biochemical mechanisms.

The Gardiner Group - Mechanisms of Thrombosis and Cancer »

The group investigates the molecular basis of processes coordinated by platelets across vascular biology.

The Hannan Group - Cancer Therapeutics »

This group focuses on the molecular analysis of major pro-malignant transcription factor networks that operate in cancer cells using an integrated approach.

The Horikawa Group - Lymphocyte signalling and lymphoma pathogenesis »

The Horikawa group studies the molecular mechanisms of development and activation of normal and malignant lymphocytes.

The Lee Group - Optical Biofluidic Imaging Group »

My laboratory adopts a multi-pronged real time volumetric imaging approaches to quantitatively assess biological dynamics at cellular and sub-cellular level.

The Nisbet Group - Advanced Biomaterials »

The Nisbet Lab is focused on developing advanced biomaterials along three main research themes.

The Parish Group - Cancer & Vascular Biology »

The Cancer and Vascular Biology Group has been working for a number of years on the molecular basis of cell adhesion, cell migration and cell invasion.

The Quinn Group - Cancer Models »

The Quinn Group's current research involves generating genetic models using Drosophila melanogaster to understand the initiation and progression of human cancer

The Schulte Group - Systems Biology of Cancer »

The Schulte Group investigates therapy options arising from the nucleolar stress response.

The Thompson Group - Epithelial Biology »

Our lab studies the molecular mechanisms of epithelial tissue development, tissue regeneration and carcinoma formation.