The John Curtin School of Medical Research comprises four departments.

ACRF Department of Cancer Biology and Therapeutics »

The ACRF Dept. of Cancer Biology and Therapeutics uses the latest 'omics' technologies combined with classic biochemistry, cell biology, immunology and clinically relevant transgenic models of cancer to provide new knowledge of the mechanisms driving malignant transformation and metastasis.

Department of Genome Sciences »

The overall aim of the Genome Biology Program is to understand the connection between genomes and phenotypes and how this relationship is regulated in response to environmental and intrinsic signals crucial for cell or organismic survival and homeostasis.

Eccles Institute of Neuroscience »

The main research areas of the Eccles Institute of Neuroscience are cellular and synaptic physiology, sensory physiology and retina and muscle.

Immunology and Infectious Disease Division »

The Department of Immunology and Infectious Disease provides an advanced research and training environment with a critical mass of interdisciplinary expertise and infrastructure.